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INSPIRATION BEHIND THIS VIDEO: Stream is an upcoming horror film directed, co-written and co-produced by Michael Leavy. It stars Jeffrey Combs, Danielle Harris, Dee Wallace, Tim Reid, Mark Holton, Felissa Rose, Tony Todd, Daniel Roebuck, Dave Sheridan, Terry Alexander, Damian Maffei and David Howard Thornton. Several producers and crew members for Stream, including director Leavy, were previously involved with the productions of the 2016 film Terrifier and its sequel Terrifier 2, as well as the upcoming Terrifier 3. Stream is being financed in part by a crowdfunding campaign on the website Indiegogo.

To date they have raised over $180,000 from the support of horror fans around the world, using the hashtag #JoinTheStream to spread the word. SYNOPSIS: After realizing their family is growing apart, Roy and Elaine Keenan decide to take action. Roy puts his work on hold and they jump at the opportunity to relive a vacation from their past. A peaceful retreat in a charming inn seems like just the thing they need, but fate has other plans. With four dangerous criminals lurking in the seemingly ordinary hallways, the odds are stacked against the Keenan family. Roy must fight for their survival as their weekend getaway takes a deadly turn.

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